Olivia Barrow I develop and execute content marketing strategies that solve urgent problems while building a foundation for future growth. I'm laser-focused on creating content that converts, and I have an irrational love for ridiculously complex products and industries.
  • SaaS SEO Agency: How to Scale SEO as a Marketing Channel From talking to dozens and dozens of SaaS businesses, it’s clear that marketers at those companies know that investing in SEO can give them really nice long-term ROI. Specifically, if you can rank in the top three results for searches related to your product, you can get a reliable stream of traffic from very qualified prospects, […] 0 Comments October 3, 2022
  • How to Do B2B Content Marketing without Domain Expertise In our sales meetings with prospective clients, we frequently face one recurring objection from people that operate in extremely specialized or technical niches. They’re already bought into our whole approach to content marketing (ranking for bottom of the funnel pain point-related terms, getting the right customer-content fit, recognizing the value of mini-volume keywords, etc.), but […] 0 Comments August 16, 2022