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We're not afraid to be scrappy when we need to be. It's not like we're a totally streamlined and smooth operation — we're still testing things, trying new tools and approaches, and surprising ourselves with things that do and don't work. This is great, because we're not "aiming for perfection" or driving to a certain prescribed destination, but we're part of an ever-evolving thing.

Matt Goolding

Content Strategist

Why Grow and Convert?

Traditional content agencies focus on word count, content calendars and traffic. We focus on leads.

Why We Exist

While working in-house, we tried to hire content marketing agencies to help the business scale and realized that no agency did what we wanted. None were willing to hold themselves accountable to the metric we cared about: leads and signups generated from content. Most content agencies just focus on traffic, wordcount, posts per month, and other vanity metrics.

So we decided to build our own agency to solve this problem.

Why We Set Out to Build the Best Content Marketing Agency

When we initially started Grow and Convert, we had no intention of turning it into a content marketing agency. In fact, we specifically did not want to start an agency. We...

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Results Over Client Count

Our obsessive focus on leads also translates to workload: our goal is not to grow as fast as possible, or squeeze as many clients into our team as possible. Our goal is to simply be the best at what we do. That means being able to generate the most leads, sales, demos, free trials, or more from written blog content for different companies.

We also write extensive case studies of our work:

SaaS Content Strategy: How We Scaled Leadfeeder's Signups to Over 200/month

In September of 2017, a few months after announcing we were starting our agency, Leadfeeder signed with us as our fourth client.

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How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work? A Case Study.

One of the top questions we get asked on our sales calls is “how long does content marketing take to work?”

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B2C Content Marketing: How We Grew a B2C Blog to 70,000 Pageviews in 14 Months

When CognitiveFX (a concussion treatment center based in Provo, Utah) reached out to us last year to do their content marketing, we were unsure if we’d be able to help them.

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Fully Remote: Work Where You Want

We started as a fully remote company (long before COVID made it popular), and we plan to stay remote forever. Our team is spread throughout the US and Europe.

Flexible Schedules: Work When You Work Best

Although most of us work during normal weekday work hours and client calls (for strategists are during normal US work hours) there are no official hours that you have to be working. Want to go to the gym on Tuesday at 10am? You don’t have to ask anyone. Want to take Fridays off and work at other times? Go for it. Even our full time employees have unlimited PTO. What we care about is getting work done, not being in a seat.


Flexible Working



Perks of working at Grow and Convert (as told by our team)

Olivia Seitz

Strategist Coach and Content Strategist, Joined 2017

Culture of excellence (and choosiness about clients) means we can always feel good about the work we’re doing and are surrounded by people who will help us improve. Plus everyone is paid transparently and fairly regardless of experience or age.

Daniel Levi

Content Strategist, Joined 2020

They care about you. Train you properly. You learn really quickly.

Amethyst Jolley

Paid Media Specialist, Joined 2021

Everyone is just so genuine and friendly. It’s amazing working as part of a team that cares about what they do. I have never had the level of work-life-balance that I’ve had while working at Grow and Convert.

Lori Compas

Writer, Joined 2021

I love working at G&C because of the flexibility, the independence, and the opportunity to interact with super talented people.

Cameron Brown

Content Strategist, Joined 2019

Grow & Convert offers everything I want in a job. Remote work. Autonomy. Constant learning. And run by leaders who truly care about their team.

Jonathan Santiago

Writer, Joined 2019

Working with clients whose content helped me in my own professional development. I’ve probably leveled up 10x as a marketer in the last year just by working on accounts like Growth Tools and Powered By Search.

Career Paths

Marketing Writer

Almost everyone at Grow and Convert starts as a writer, including all content strategists.

We pay writers $500 per piece after the trial period. Full time writers can handle between 12 – 16 pieces per month for full time equivalent income of $6000 – $8000 per month. (But most writers don’t work full time with us, they choose to write a number of pieces that fits in their schedule and most earn between $2500 and $4500 per month.)

Important: We don’t require much, or any, writing experience. The actual writing we do is simple and clear so we aren’t looking for people with large portfolios with flowery writing. We’re just looking smart people who can understand and communicate products and their benefits clearly and are interested in marketing.

Marketing Writer for Bottom of the Funnel Blog Posts

This is the flagship role at Grow and Convert and the engine of our agency. We are looking for writers who can write bottom of the funnel blog posts that sell the client’s product or service and lead to conversions. This means the writer needs to be able to deeply understand products, features, and nuances of how they compare, what makes one better than the other and be ale to explain that clearly and concisely. You can read more and see multiple examples in the job description above.


Content Strategist

Content strategists run our full content marketing process on their client accounts. That means: come up with content ideas, come up with the angles of articles, either write yourself or edit a writer to produce articles, assist our ad and linkbuilding team in identifying opportunities to increase results, report on results on a monthly basis to clients and manage the overall success of each of the clients you work with.

Strategists make $1500/m for each account they manage plus $175 for each piece they edit or $500 if they write a piece. Full time strategists typically can manage 4 accounts and make over $7000 per month.

Applying to be a content strategist is the same as applying to be a writer. Simply tell us you’re interested in being a strategist and we can talk about it when the time is right for both sides.

Other Roles:

As we have other roles we’ll post them here.


Benji Hyam


Devesh Khanal


Alyse Phillips

Project Manager

Olivia Seitz

Strategist Coach and Content Strategist

Cameron Brown

Content Strategist

Daniel Levi

Content Strategist

Ravi Desai

UX Designer

Matt Goolding

Content Strategist & Writer

Amethyst Jolley

Paid Media Specialist

Catarina Aleixo

Content Writer

Olivia Barrow

Content Strategist & Writer

Teresa LaFond

Content Strategist & Writer

Katelyn Urich

Content Strategist & Writer

Manisha Bhandari

Content Writer