Grow and Convert has a four step content marketing process that we use for ourselves and for every client we work with. The four steps are user research, content strategy, content promotion and conversion optimization. Below you’ll find our top content marketing articles on each topic.

Start Here → User Research Articles

Everything starts with user research because you can’t come up with a content strategy that will attract your best customers unless you know who your best customers are, what they care about and what their pain points are. We teach you our process for doing user research here:

Articles on User Research

Content Strategy/ SEO Articles

After you know who to target and what their pain points are, then you can start thinking about the types of content you want to produce. In this section, we’ll share our thought process behind how we decide what content to produce and we share the differences between what makes good content vs. bad content.

Articles on Content Strategy

Content Promotion Articles

When it comes to promotion, most companies hit publish on their site, send out a few social media updates, and call it a day. Then they pray for organic traffic to start kicking in. In this section on our site, we share how we drive thousands of visitors to a blog post after it’s published – mainly using our community content promotion strategy – but we also share some of our other secrets behind how we promote content.

Articles on Content Promotion

Articles on Increasing Blog Conversions

Once you’ve figured out who to target, what content to create to attract them, and how to get your content in front of them, then the last step is to convert the traffic into signups, leads or purchases. We share some of our tested strategies to help you increase blog conversions. We take somewhat of a contrarian approach when it comes to conversions – instead of “nurturing” subscribers, we typically go directly for the sale. Learn more about our approach below.

Articles on Blog Conversion

Our Content Marketing Course

If you’d like a faster way to learn our entire content marketing process, we created a video course that walks through everything in a ton of detail. Devesh and I talk through each section, share case studies/examples , screen share and show you some stuff behind the scenes. It’s the most detailed way to learn how we do everything.

Check out our content marketing course here. 

Some of Our Content Marketing Results

Through our agency, we’ve been fortunate to work with many great clients, both B2B and B2C businesses, technical and non-technical, and with varying business models – SaaS, services, other agencies, marketplaces, and large platform companies. We share some of the results that we’ve driven in long-form case studies that share the strategy behind what we did for them.

Client Case Studies

Other Topics That Might Interest You:

Client Case Studies

How to Create a Keyword Strategy for a New, Innovative Product This article shares how we grew a company that has a product in a newer category where there aren’t as many high intent keywords to target that directly explain what the product does.

How to Do B2B Content Marketing without Domain Expertise This article shares how we did content marketing and SEO for a technical product (QA testing) and how we were able to learn the subject matter, grow traffic and conversions for the company RainforestQA

Scaling Content: Expanding from Bottom of Funnel Content to Top of Funnel (Geekbot Case Study) This article shares how we’ve grown signups for our client Geekbot by primarily focusing on bottom of funnel content. It also contrasts the difference between conversion rates and traffic of BOTF and TOF content. This post shares our approach to scaling content by starting with BOTF content and moving up funnel overtime.

How Long Does It Take to Rank on the First Page of Google? This is a common question we get asked: How long does it take to rank on Google? So we answered this question via analyzing data from 20+ clients.

How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work? A Case Study: One of the most common questions we get asked by prospects that want to work with us is “how long does it take for content marketing to start working?” We wrote an article sharing results from three different clients with different business models to try to help answer that question.

Scaling SEO traffic from 920 to 14,577 Sessions in 6 months: Circuit Case Study: We talk about the effects of moving a blog from a subdomain to a subfolder and how we managed to grow SEO traffic for our client Circuit

How We Built a Unique Content Strategy for 4 of Our Clients: This post shares how we approached building a unique content strategy for each of our clients. We share how we think about content differently for different types of businesses and goals, and we also share all of the traffic numbers that we’ve been able to produce for each of them.

Content Strategy Case Study: 10,000 Hyper-Targeted Visitors in 3 Weeks: This post shares our entire content marketing process for our client ModernWeb- how we conducted customer research with them, reached out to influencers in their industry for interviews on a specific topic, created stories that resonated with their audience and drove 10k targeted visitors in 3 weeks.

How We Earned Press Coverage from a High DA Publication in the First Week: This post shares how we created a piece of content that we deemed was “press-worthy,” pitched it to publications and got it published in Small Business Trends- a site that contains our customer’s target audience with a DA of 82.

Our Live Challenge: Learn Content Marketing Strategy from Our 30 Day Challenge — Where We Created and Promoted an Article for a Company on Our List

Between March and April of 2017, we decided we were going to conduct a live challenge with a company on our list. We believe there’s a system and process that marketers should follow when it comes to content marketing → user research → content strategy → promotion → conversion → measure and optimize → scale.

We wanted to show our readers that by following this process, you can grow your traffic (and leads) quickly.

We chose one company from our list that we had 0 industry experience in and decided to create and promote an article for them. The goal was to drive more targeted traffic (their exact target audience) to this article we created for them in a 30 day period, than they would typically get on average in 30 days.

Why We’re Helping a B2B Company Grow Their Site Traffic for Free: This post sets up the challenge, shares stats on how much traffic companies typically drive on average to each post, and shares the company we picked for the challenge.

How to Come Up with Content Ideas That Attract Your Target Customers (Live Challenge Update) (Part 1): This article shares our process for doing user research with companies, and how we used our user research process to come up with a content idea that attracts TAR Production’s customer.

How to Create Industry Specific Content without Subject Matter Expertise (Part 2): This article shares how we wrote a piece of content for an industry we knew nothing about. It shares a process that any company can steal to write high quality content with little subject matter expertise.

The Simple Promotion Strategies We Used to Help This Company Get 67% MORE Traffic to 1 Post in 2 Weeks (Part 3): This post shares how much traffic we drove for TAR Productions, we share in detail how we promoted the post, and what worked and didn’t work.

User Research: Articles That Explain How to Get a Good Understanding of Your Target Audience

Customer-Content Fit: A Framework for Producing Content That Attracts Customers: This is the framework we use for ourself and for our clients to determine what content we should be writing to attract the right customers to a blog.

Positioning Is the Part of “Product Market Fit” You’re Likely Ignoring: If your positioning is wrong, your marketing will fail — this includes content marketing. We wrote this blog post because many companies came to us thinking they had conversion problems, but their problem was much bigger than what they originally thought. All companies should read this post.

Positioning Case Study: How We Created a Premium Content Marketing Service: We share how we used customer research over the years to develop our service and position our agency as a premium brand in the content marketing space.

You Don’t Know Your Customer And It’s Crippling Your Growth – Lessons on Conducting User Research: This article makes the argument that most companies don’t know their customers and it shares how your company can use user surveys to get a clear understanding of who buys from you and what motivates your buyers.

How We Used A Simple Survey To Crack The Code On Our Customers: This article is the follow up to the one above and it shares how to interpret user research by sharing an example of how we interpreted our own user research data.

The Best Way to Come Up with New Marketing Ideas: Ask Your Customers: This post shares the findings from the survey with our audience and how we interpreted and analyzed the results of our survey.

Using On-Site Customer Feedback Surveys to Get Inside Your Customer’s Mind at the Point of Purchase: This article shares how you can approach getting customer feedback using onsite surveying tools to find out various things like why your visitors aren’t purchasing or what your customers like about your product or service.

How to Conduct Customer Interviews (Even When You Don’t Have Customers): This article shares how startups who don’t have many customers can learn about their target audience by prospecting on LinkedIn and asking open-ended question over the phone or in person. It also walks through how companies can use in-person conversations or phone conversations to hone in their marketing efforts.

Content Strategy/ SEO: Articles That Explain Our Thought Process Around Developing a Content Strategy

A B2B Content Marketing Strategy Designed to Generate Leads & Sales We share how we’d approach creating a content marketing strategy a B2B company that drives customers for them.

Mini-Volume Keywords: Why Targeting Small Search Volumes Makes Sense We share data behind why we target small search volumes with high intent over just going after higher keyword volume.

Underdog SEO: How to Beat Your Competition at Search If you’re going up against bigger brands in your category with much bigger budgets, here’s a strategy to beat them at SEO.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy: A 5-Step Guide We share a step by step process for how we think about developing a content marketing strategy and how we do it for different types of business models — SaaS, services, B2B, B2C etc.

SEO Keyword Strategy: How to Prioritize Based on Buying Intent to Drive More Conversions This articles shares how we would create a keyword strategy by prioritizing high intent keywords first, then working backwards up the funnel.

SaaS SEO Strategy: A 5 Step Process to Drive Signups and Traffic We share how we would develop an SEO strategy for a SaaS company so that the content that we create is focused on driving conversions for the business.

How to Create a Successful SEO Content Strategy: 2 Factors That Are Often Overlooked – We share the two factors that people often overlook when developing an SEO strategy 1. Chasing keyword volume over intent 2. Trying to rank for too many keywords with each page. Then we share how we’d think about SEO strategy differently.

SaaS Content Marketing: Why You Should Focus on Bottom of the Funnel First to Drive Signups: In this article, we argue why SaaS companies should prioritize bottom of the funnel keywords and topics over producing top of funnel content.

Pain-Point SEO: How to Produce SEO Content That Drives Conversions: While many companies are focused on ranking for high-volume keywords in their content marketing because of the traffic potential, we tend to prioritize lower-volume, high intent keywords because the conversion potential is much greater than going after high volume keywords. Here’s the SEO strategy we use for our clients.

SEO Content Writing: A 5-Step Process You Can Follow: We share our approach to analyzing a SERP to figure out what to write for specific keywords we target.

B2C Content Marketing: How We Grew a B2C Blog to 70,000 Pageviews in 14 Months: We share the strategy behind how we grew the CognitiveFX blog and generated signups for a concussion treatment center in Provo, Utah.

How to Create a SaaS Content Strategy That Drives Product Signups: We share how we’d approach building a content strategy for a SaaS company and show how we choose topics that will drive the highest amount of conversions.

Content Ideation: Ways to Come Up with Content Ideas That Convert: This post is a tactical post that explains some of the ways we identify topics to go after that will yield conversions for product and service businesses.

The Detail Principle for Writing Good Blog Posts: This article shares our thinking around why much of the blog content produced is bad and “the detail principle” for how to write better blog posts.

Why Your Content Needs “Originality Nuggets” to Be Effective: Many people think that the longer the blog post, the better. However, we disagree. Length doesn’t equal better because most lengthy blog posts don’t have anything original to say in them. We’ve created three frameworks to help you think about creating great blog posts – the specificity strategy, the detail principle, and now originality nuggets. This post shares why a level of originality is needed in blog posts and how to execute on it.

The Specificity Strategy: How to Turn Generic Posts Into Stand Out Content: This post explains how specificity is the key to success when it comes to writing unique content that stands out from the competition.

“Mirage Content” Is The Reason Your Company Blog Isn’t Generating Leads: This post explains what happens if you don’t follow the specificity strategy and the reasons why most blogs fail at creating quality content.

Content Marketers: Stop Writing Blog Intros Like a High School Research Paper: Many bloggers are losing readers in the first few sentences of their post because they’re creating intros that don’t hook their readers. Here’s how to avoid doing that.

Content Marketing Has Become Too Trendy. Here’s What We Plan To Do About It.: This is the post that launched our site. It explains where our heads were at when we first started out. It shares what we thought was wrong with the industry and how we thought we could stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for ideas for how you can stand out in your industry, use this post as a reference. We used a combination of an opinion piece about the state of the industry plus our strategy laid out transparently to get our initial boost in traffic.

Our Content Strategy Unveiled: Our Plan to Grow to 40,000 Uniques in 6 months: We followed up our first piece with a more detailed view inside of our content strategy. It walks through who we planned to target, how we were going to stand out, and some overall content strategy advice for everyone.

Growing From 0-12k Organic Visitors by Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel: A case study on how to map your content to different stages in the sales funnel. Doing this led to growth from 0-12k monthly organic visitors in 6 months by going after long-tail keywords, and it also helped when it came to conversion later on. A must read for anyone selling high priced products/ services.

The 3-Step Bulletproof Formula to Writing Kickass Blog Post Headlines: If you screw up your blog post headline, it’s almost like you didn’t even write that new blog post you’ve been working on for weeks because no one is going to be reading it. Danavir Sarria shares a 3 step formula for writing blog headlines.

The Huge Content Marketing Opportunity That Airbnb Is Missing Out on: We outline how Airbnb could capitalize on user-generated content to scale their business.

Blog Engagement: How to Increase the Amount of People who Comment, Share, Like, Open, and Click

Blog Engagement: How to Get Abnormally High Comments, Shares, and Clicks (And How This All Adds Up to Sales): A lot of times people ask me what “tools” or “tricks” we use to get high levels of engagement on our blog. Everyone wants more people to like their stuff, comment on their posts, share their content, open more emails, etc. Getting engagement is actually a lot simpler than implementing a tool or trick… it’s about being real.

Content Promotion: How to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Content Distribution Strategy 2020: Why We’re Doubling Down on Paid Promotion and SEO: This article shares our content distribution strategy for 2020. We share our strategy to drive traffic via Facebook and the combined approach to SEO using on-page SEO and link building.

Content Promotion for 2019: Our Shift in Strategy and the 3 Tactics We’ll Use: We share how we’re modifying our approach to content promotion. We shift from exclusively focusing on community content promotion to splitting our focus between link-building, paid ads and communities.

Content Promotion is Changing. My Thoughts on Where We Go from Here: We started noticing a shift in content promotion where we were getting diminishing returns from solely promoting in communities. I share thoughts on why and also share some options to test going forward.

Content Promotion: How We Grew from 0 to 32,977 Users in 5 Months with Zero Paid Traffic: How to use community content promotion to grow your site quickly without any paid traffic.

This Songwriter Accidentally Executed Influencer Marketing Perfectly and Got 40k Viewers Overnight: Evan Blum landed in three top publication after he wrote a song about an influencer, here’s what your business can learn about influencer marketing from his story.

How to Use Mega Projects to Drive an INSANE Amount of Traffic to Your Site: Looking for some out of the box content promotion ideas? This post breaks down mega projects “Hard to replicate projects that gain you windfalls of traffic, links, and attention”.

Breaking SlideShare: How I Got 2,000,000 Views from Only 16 Presentations: Interested in driving traffic? Eugene walks through how he was able to generate over 2M views by republishing content on Slideshare.

Going Viral: How I got 10k Views on Medium in 4 days: Want to see how Medium can drive a ton of traffic to your site? This post walks through how republishing content on Medium drove 10,000 visitors in 4 days and over 2,000 visitors to our site.

On Hiring: Hiring Marketers and Getting Hired

Companies Want Thought Leadership Content, But Can’t Produce It. Here’s Why.  This piece shares the mistake that most people make when producing thought leadership content — that writers and marketers can’t come up with the thought leadership. If you want to produce thought leadership, the information needs to be sourced from experts inside of the company.

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Content Marketer: I share my learnings on who to hire for a content marketing role, what skills your content marketer needs to have, I’ll share a sample content marketing job description, I’ll share how much you should budget for your hire, and what to expect in terms of additional investment as your content marketing operation grows.

Why Marketing Has Become The Hardest Position to Hire for: We outline what’s wrong with hiring marketers today and  share some ideas from a marketers perspective, to companies, on how they can hire more effectively.

Can’t Land A Marketing Job with Your Resume? Try This Instead.: If you’re a marketer looking for a new role, the way to get a job has fundamentally changed from what you’ve likely been told you should be doing. We share some ideas on where people are going wrong when trying to get a new marketing job and share ideas on how to land the job you want.

How to Hire Blog Writers: Articles About Building Up Your Content Marketing Team

Why Fully Outsourcing Blog Writing to Freelance Writers is Flawed: We talk through how the process that most people use to produce blog content is flawed, and what to do instead.

How to Find and Hire Writers for Your Blog: The Ultimate Guide: Looking to hire writers for your blog? This guide walks you through how to find and hire writers for any industry.

Building a Content Team: Hiring In-house vs. Outsourcing vs. Hiring Freelancers: This article explores whether it’s better to hire writers in-house, outsource your content writing to an agency or whether it’s better to build up a team of freelancers.

How to Find, Evaluate, and Hire Writers for Your Blog: The biggest challenge: Finding writers that can write for your blog. We walk through a process for how to locate writers with your subject matter expertise, evaluate them, and onboard them.

Building a Content Team: How I Pay, Motivate, and Manage Blog Writers: This post walks through how much to pay freelance writers and how to manage a team of freelancers so that they stay happy and motivated.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Articles on Converting Your Blog Traffic to Customers

Should You Target an SEO Keyword with a Blog Post or Landing Page? Our Thoughts Most companies try to target important head keywords with landing pages. We share why this might not be the best approach and share some data that shows that blog posts may convert higher and be easier to rank than landing pages.

How to Convert Blog Traffic into Customers with CTAs: The Complete Guide: We share conversion rates for every placement location on a blog and some tips on how to better convert visitors off of your site.

Lead Nurturing vs. Direct Conversions: Which Is Better for Content Marketing?: This post walks through the math of whether it’s best to convert leads and then nurture them, or if it’s better to go directly for a sale or sales conversation through a CTA. The results may surprise you.

The #1 Problem with Content Upgrades and What I’ve Learned to Do Instead: It’s widely known that content upgrades are a great way to convert visitors on your site but the problem is that they take a lot of time to create. We walk through some shortcuts to get the same benefit from content upgrades but in half the time!

How to Turn Your Blog’s ‘Thank You’ Page into a Lead Generating Machine: Many businesses try to nurture their traffic as the way to convert their blog visitors. But what if there was a shortcut? Emil Shour shares how he implemented a shortcut on SnackNation’s thank you page that turned subscribers into customers.

How This Fitness Site Got 1,892 Hyper Targeted Subscribers with Facebook Ads That Cost (Less Than) Nothing: Erika of Erika Volk Fitness added 1,892 email subscribers and got 11,850 unique visitors in one month with a Facebook ad campaign that hasn’t cost her a dime.

How a Simple Email Popup Can Score 6-Figure Deals: Instead of opting someone into an e-mail list, learn how to convert visitors directly off your blog. We used this process to land six-figure deals without ever using an e-mail list!

Blog Analytics & ROI: How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Blog

Content Marketing Attribution: How to Measure Content Performance: This article shares how we use Google Analytics’ multi-channel attribution feature to show conversions from content for our clients. We walk through first-click and last-click attribution and how you should think about proving the value of content marketing to your company.

Most Companies Measure Content Marketing ROI Incorrectly. Here’s Why (and How to Fix It). In this article, we share how to quantify content marketing’s impact on ROI for a marketing department.

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of Content Marketing: How to measure your customer acquisition cost of content marketing.

Why You Need a Growth Model for Your Blog (And How to Create One): Hoping for traffic isn’t going to bring you success. We share how we built a bottoms up growth model that leads to predictable traffic – and we give you a template that you can copy for your own blog.

Using Google Analytics Goals to Measure Lead Generation from Content: How to measure leads from your content marketing efforts using simple GA goals.

Marketing Stories: Interesting Growth Stories

Growing a Digital Agency: How KlientBoost Scaled from $0 to $1M in 12 Months: How Johnathan Dane grew his PPC agency to over $3.6M in revenue in 2 years using different growth tactics at each phase of his business.

How Founder Sol Orwell Built A 7-Figure Business off of Reddit: How Sol Orwell grew a seven figure business off of the back of Reddit.

Traffic Updates: Follow Our Journey As We Grow Our Site

Blog Traffic and List Building Update: November 2015: In month one, we set forth our traffic and list building goals publicly and achieved 1,878 users on our site, and got 196 e-mail subscribers

Our 2015 Blog Stats Revealed + the Art of Content Promotion: We recap the first month and a half of our site and where we ended at in 2015.

January Update: Getting to 4,300 Uniques and 530 E-mail Subscribers: Two and a half months in, we share how we grew to 4,300 users and 530 e-mail addresses.

Getting 76% Growth in Traffic in One (Leap) Month: How we grew to 7,614 users and 990 subscribers in a 29 day month.

How We Grew Traffic to 16,000 in 4.5 months on $52/Month (And Every Tool We Use): How we got to 16,121 visitors in 4.5 months + launched our first product, Wordable.

How We Used Our Content Growth Model to Boost Blog Traffic by 95% in One Month: How we grew to 15,832 users and 1580 e-mail subscribers, and how our content growth model helped us achieve that.

Why We Sacrificed Our Goal for the Business – A Lesson on Pivoting: After 5 months of nearly 100% m/m we decided to do away with our goal of 40,000 unique visitors a month in 6 months. Here’s why.