Problems We Solve

"Our paid search campaigns aren’t profitable"

Many clients come to us with this problem and don’t know what’s wrong. Their agency says up-funnel metrics like CTR “look good” but they’re not getting the revenue (or better yet profit) to justify the spend. In our experience, this could be due to major problems like account structure or an intent-based problems like keyword selection. 

"We want to test out paid search as a channel”

Some clients come to us wanting an experienced team to test the viability of paid search as a channel. We have a process of doing this starting with very carefully architected campaigns focused on your absolutely most viable keywords to minimize wasted spend and maximize potential revenue. 

“Our paid search is okay, but we want to increase ROAS”

Some clients have a running, profitable paid search operation but they aren’t sure if they’re maximizing this channel. Are there more keywords they’re not targeting? Is conversion rate maximized? Should they test new landing pages? Is ad copy optimal? Is there anything else they’re not seeing?

"We’ve managed this in house and now want to bring in a dedicated team"

Other clients simply need an experienced team to run and grow paid search that started as a small in-house test. Many clients in this position have had bad experiences with past agencies simply running through the motions and not doing much and are looking for a team with a hands-on, active management approach.

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