ROI-Driven Content Marketing

We’ll work with your marketing team in person to build a content marketing engine that drives high-quality leads at a low acquisition cost.

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective content marketing.

Many companies are spending thousands of dollars per year on people, software and paid promotion without a clear idea of the ROI they’re getting from their content marketing efforts. Their challenges typically include: publishing content that attracts the wrong audience, not knowing how to drive high amounts of traffic to their blog, and not being able to convert quality customers (or track how many they’re getting) from content.

Grow and Convert Live takes the guesswork out of content marketing.

We’ll come into your office and work with your team to develop a content marketing strategy that attracts your best customers. You’ll walk out of our one day working session with a clear idea of how you’ll drive more customers from your blog, goals to start hitting, and a CAC model that you can show to your boss and prove the ROI of the channel. We’ll train you and your marketing team on our proven content marketing framework that’s driven millions of dollars in leads for companies.

We guarantee you’ll walk away from our 1-day working session with a clear path to paying customers from your content marketing operation.


You’ll walk away from this workshop with specific action items and an overall framework to improve your company’s content marketing strategy. Many of these items will be completed right there during the on-site.

Content Strategy

Get a content marketing strategy crafted to attract your best customers.

Proven System

Learn our 6-step system designed to drive customers to your blog.

Increased Traffic

Learn multiple promotion tactics to drive more traffic to each piece of content you create.

Better Leads

Improve traffic quality and get more qualified leads and customers via our in depth user research processes.

Clear ROI

Learn how to track ROI inside your analytics platform and get a customized CAC model for your company.

Tailored Advice

Get advice that will help you work through challenges specific to your organization.

How It Works

We’ll conduct an audit of your company and existing content strategy

We’ll come to your office for a one day working session with your team and help you identify your best customers

We’ll craft a detailed content strategy that contains everything you’ll need to do to start acquiring customers (user research, content, promotion, conversion, and analytics).

We’ll train your team how to execute on the entire strategy as well as set up KPIs and tracking so we can measure your success

We’ll craft a customer acquisition cost model with your company's real numbers that you can then show to your executive team to prove the ROI of content marketing.

You’ll gain access to our post-workshop Slack group to build relationships and get help from other marketers who’ve gone through our program.

Your Schedule For The Day


Session 1: Figure out who your best customers are

  • We’ll dissect your company’s existing customer information to determine how to attract more of the best customers for your company.
  • Learn the exact pain points of your target customer(s)
  • Learn your best customers' online behavior

* We say 'best customer' because many companies attract low quality traffic and leads from content marketing


Session 2: Develop a content strategy that attracts your best customers

  • Learn the 7 best content frameworks to attract your customers
  • We’ll do a content brainstorm so you have immediate ideas for each of the 7 frameworks
  • Learn writing strategies to create high quality content and make your content stand out
  • We'll show you how to craft content for long tail keywords that your target customers are already searching for online

Session 3: Design your promotion strategy to drive traffic to your blog posts

  • Discover where your target audience already hangs out online
  • Learn how to tap into industry influencers to promote your content for you
  • Understand the roles that guest blogging and paid promotion can play

Session 4: How to measure ROI from content marketing

  • Discover how to customer acquisition cost from your content marketing
  • Learn how to set up analytics to clearly measure leads and sales from content
  • See how your CAC compares to other acquisition channels in your organization (including outbound sales and other marketing channels)

Session 5: How to convert blog traffic to paying customers

  • We’ll show you when it’s best to go for a direct sale off your blog and when it’s better to nurture the lead via email
  • We'll show you how to structure calls to action on your blog pages to optimize conversions
  • Learn when AB testing is and is not appropriate in your content marketing operation

Session 6: How to scale content marketing efforts with limited resources

  • Uncover how to find and hire writers with subject matter expertise to scale content production
  • Learn how to go from a 1 person operation to a scalable content marketing team: hiring freelance writers, content promoters, and managers
  • Learn how to leverage freelancing services to hire vetted contract designers and developers for content projects

Drive More Customers From Your Blog

We work with a select group of companies to accelerate their growth through content marketing.

If you’re interested in having us revamp your content marketing program, then please get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

Session Structure

We’ll cover each session but focus more of the day on sessions where we decide beforehand we can get the most leverage for growth. Each session will be broken out into a presentation of the core concepts, with multiple examples from real companies, then a Q&A with your team (or single employee) and us, then working sessions where we’ll work with you to apply the principles to your company.

Core concept
Full Session

Custom Problem Solving

Grow and Convert Live is structured to solve your company's exact content marketing challenges. Here are four example challenges and solutions generalized from past participants.

Challenge: Measuring ROI

Problem: "We don't know the ROI of our content marketing spend. We don't know how many leads/sales/signups we get from blog posts."

Solutions: We walk through your exact content-to-lead-flow (on the spot, at your computer), look at how your analytics are setup, show how they should ideally be setup, and list out exactly what goals you need to setup, how to do it, and if any fundamental UI/UX changes need to be made.

Challenge: Driving Qualified Leads

Problem: "We're getting traffic, but it's the wrong traffic. Our content is not attracting 'good' leads for our business. Sales reps are complaining."

Solutions: We'll audit your content strategy and make sure you're writing about topics that attract the right customers. We'll also show you how to increase conversions from more qualified leads by modifying your CTAs and CTA copy. In other words we'll help you put more Q into MQL.

Challenge: Driving Traffic

Problem: "We have good content, we just don't get a lot of traffic to it. We have a promotion problem."

Solutions: We'll show you a system for finding where your target audience already hangs out online and then show you how to get in front of them. We'll also discuss (where appropriate) leveraging influencers in you space to find large collections of good prospects for your business.

Challenge: Finding Writers

Problem: "We need to find people who can write about our industry. Neither our founders or I have enough time to write all of the content."

Solutions: There's a process for building a freelance content team that scales. We'll show you how to build up a team of high quality content writers and manage them so you can focus your time on driving traffic and leads.

Meet Your Trainers

Benji Hyam

Benji Hyam

Benji is a Co-Founder of Grow and Convert and Previously he ran marketing for two venture-backed startups in San Francisco where he primarily used content marketing to scale acquisition efforts. Before moving to SF, he worked in marketing roles in San Diego at a large private company, a mid-size public company and 2 early stage startups.

Case Studies

ThinkApps - Mobile Software Development
B2B Services

As the head of marketing, grew ThinkApps blog from 0-35,000 unique visitors a month in 6 months which resulted in a multiple 6-figure increase in revenue and the highest driver of leads for the company.

Vistage - CEO Coaching
B2B Services

Grew Vistage International’s blog by 700% from 2,000 to 20,000 unique visitors a month in 12 months, and used LinkedIn Marketing to drive a multiple a 7-figure increase in qualified leads for the company

Devesh Khanal

Devesh Khanal

Devesh is a Co-Founder of Grow and Convert and He is also founder of Growth Rock, a conversion optimization agency based in San Jose, CA, which has helped multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses grow revenue through AB testing. This includes deep expertise in conversion optimization from content and blog pages. He has written for or been interviewed on Forbes, Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg, and more.

Case Studies

WhenIWork - Web and Mobile SaaS for SMBs
SaaS (Free Trial)

Ran dozens of AB tests to improve free trial start rate from the marketing site and content. In particular increased conversion rates from content by up to 64% by using alternate calls to action and placements.

ValueWalk - Financial News Site

Increased email optin rates from content by over 3X over six months of testing multiple offers, placements, and optin strategies. End results were a breakthrough for the company. Developed deep expertise in conversion strategies from high traffic content.

Highlights from Past Companies

Marketplace for WordPress

Featured Breakthrough
(Sessions 4 & 5)

Discovered gaps in blog to customer analytics and devised multiple strategies to improve reader-to-customer conversion rates.

SaaS Platform for
Real Estate

Featured Breakthrough
(Session 1)

Was able to identify, through specific user research methods, specific quantitative criteria that defined their ideal customer personas.

B2B SaaS Product for
Mobile App Companies

Featured Breakthrough
(Session 4)

Outlined a clear, simple-to-implement analytics plan to quantitatively measure their lead generation from content. (Session 2) Created a focused content strategy around their best customers and were able to discard an entire reader segment that was not providing business returns.

Financial Advisory Firm

Featured Breakthrough
(Session 1)

Discovered a breakthrough insight, through a specific user research tactic, about the topics that their target customers did, and more importantly, did not want to read. This opened up an entirely new avenue of content topics and promotion opportunities.

Mobile Development Agency

Featured Breakthrough
(Sessions 1 & 3)

Through user research, we identified that they were attracting the wrong audience - developers instead of their customers. They began executing on a content strategy that attracted their core customers.

MVP SaaS Product for Web and
Mobile App Companies

Featured Breakthrough
(Sessions 3)

Learned a repeatable process for promoting blog posts to their target audience to gain initial beta users. (Session 2) Refined article writing technique to produce engaging, highly specific content aimed solely at attracting their target customers.


I had too many ideas... but you helped me get it focused. I now have the complete foundation and framework to build a successful content marketing operation within my niche.

Dave Lawrence, Head of Sales & Marketing,

The main difference before and after the program is that we can directly measure and assess new leads that we started to capture...we even got some from pretty big brands.

Pavel Bashmakov and Andrew Garkavyi Cofounders, Stanfy

Benji and Devesh give you the roadmap to achieve this goal [of stellar content]. I would have happily paid for some of their content before I even paid for the course!

Alex Kehaya Founder,

This is a good fit for you if

You're a marketer or founder

Your company has at least 6 figures in annual sales or funding of at least $1MM

You're willing to arrive prepared and ready to work intensely on improving your content marketing operation