Walk into any business and grow it with content using Grow and Convert’s proven content marketing strategy

We’ve spent 5 years perfecting our content strategy across 40+ different B2B and B2C businesses and we teach that exact strategy in this course and community:

  • How to identify SEO keywords that will drive qualified traffic that converts
  • How to write content that outranks the competition
  • How to drive traffic to your articles in multiple ways
  • How to measure conversions and how to scale your content operation.

What You Get

The Course

Lifetime access to the Grow and Convert content marketing course:

  • Know exactly what topics and keywords any company should go after that will drive conversions
  • How to produce content that ranks for buying keywords
  • How to grow traffic through active promotion (paid and organic) and SEO
  • How to scale a content operation beyond yourself.

The Community

Our course is built directly into a community where you can:

  • Ask questions to Benji and Devesh on any challenge and get direct, personalized answers
  • Share your work (keyword strategy, specific blog posts, etc.) and get written or video feedback directly from Benji and Devesh
  • Join monthly live Zoom calls with Benji and Devesh where members ask questions and get live feedback and brainstorming of solutions
  • Connect with other smart, driven marketers, founders and consultants

Learn how to build a content strategy that gets conversions
for any of these businesses...

Why We Built
This Content Marketing Course

Hear from Benji Hyam, one of our founders on why we created this course and the pain points we experienced that we set out to solve.

Based on a Proven System Tested on
Dozens of Businesses

This content marketing course teaches you the exact 4-step process we’ve used to generate hundreds of leads for over 30 businesses at the Grow and Convert Content Agency, including SaaS, Service, E-commerce, Marketplaces, B2B and B2C businesses:

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Read any of these detailed case studies of the results
from different clients using this process:

SaaS Content Strategy: How We Scaled Leadfeeder's Signups to Over 200/month

In September of 2017, a few months after announcing we were starting our agency, Leadfeeder signed with us as our fourth client.

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How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work? A Case Study.

One of the top questions we get asked on our sales calls is “how long does content marketing take to work?”

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B2C Content Marketing: How We Grew a B2C Blog to 70,000 Pageviews in 14 Months

When CognitiveFX (a concussion treatment center based in Provo, Utah) reached out to us last year to do their content marketing, we were unsure if we’d be able to help them.

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Grow and Convert Course Review: How I Grew Keeper Tax’s Pageviews By 400% In 3.5 Months

Earlier this year, Keeper Tax reached out to me to run SEO for their company. Keeper Tax is an automatic expense tracking start-up in San Francisco that helps independent contractors save money on their taxes.

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Grow and Convert Course Review: How I Grew Keeper Tax’s Pageviews By 400% In 3.5 Months

Earlier this year, Keeper Tax reached out to me to run SEO for their company. Keeper Tax is an automatic expense tracking start-up in San Francisco that helps independent contractors save money on their taxes.
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We use this course as training for our own
content strategists

This course is a shortcut to getting the learnings you’d get by working at G&C, without actually working at G&C. I took the entire course from start to finish, and it really is all the training a strategist would need to get started working here.

Daniel A
Content Strategist

Get Personalized Feedback On Your
Content and Questions

We built the entire course inside a discussion forum, so it’s interactive. Members ask questions, share their content strategies, and ask for feedback:

We (Benji, Devesh, and the G&C team) respond and give feedback, often in extreme detail:

Or sometimes other Grow and Convert Agency team members do:

Members also interact with each other and share ideas:

Get Direct Feedback on Live Calls with
Benji and Devesh

Every month, join other community members for a live call where we’ll usually dive case study someone’s content strategy and answer questions from the community.

Here’s what students are saying
inside the course

Here’s what our students are saying
on Twitter

📚 Never stop learning.
Don't get too comfortable. Most industries change all the time (especially SEO)
Set aside some time each week to keep up to date and learn new things.
My fav course this year was @growandconvert's content course by @benjihyam & @deveshkhanal
We'll be opening our content marketing course again sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.
Is there something that you'd like included in there that's not already in there?
Probably the best money I’ve ever spent on a course. Highly recommended.
PSA: copywriting and content writing aren’t the same.
After going through your course, though, I can see you also believe that customer research is the foundation for both done well
There’s very, very few marketing articles I find valuable, but the @growandconvert blog from @benjihyam & @deveshkhanal always knocks it out of the park


I’d recommend their course on content marketing based on the quality of this writing
I learned how to do content marketing through experimentation and banging my head against my desk for 6 years. Don't take my path. Get the @growandconvert content marketing course, ok?
Thanks for the shoutout 😊️
You're welcome! Your course deserves the love ;-)
Who are the best SaaS content marketers you know?
I like @benjihyam from @growandconvert. They also share excellent stuff on blog and have the best content marketing video course I know!
1/ New content strategy I've been testing out:
“X vs. Y keywords"
So far they're working SUPER well.
Thread 👇
The guys from @growandconvert (@benjihyam) figured this out a while ago and explain it in detail in their great course “Customers from Content”. Super recommended 👍🏼
I have a huge pet peeve when companies position themselves as AI powered anything.
That's like saying "We're better because our product is built with Rails or Wordpress."
No one cares about the technology used to achieve a goal, they only care about what the tech does for them.
Man, I say this all the time, Benji. It’s 2020. People expect the tech you are selling them to work. They don’t care HOW it works. Side note: Took your course in January and absolutely loved it. Thank you for proving so much value. Really respect your guys approach.
What You Get When You Sign Up
  • Lifetime access
  • Watch Benji and Devesh build keyword strategies for multiple types of businesses so you can replicate how we do it
  • Access to the community where you can can ask questions about any lesson and get responses from both Benji and Devesh
  • Live group coaching via Zoom with Devesh and Benji
Module 1: Strategy

How to identify high converting keywords and how to develop a content strategy for B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, Service businesses and ecommerce businesses. Taught via case study. Watch Benji and Devesh do customer research interviews and develop a topic and keyword list 4 different businesses. See walkthrough video for more.

Module 2: Writing

How to write blog posts that impress your target customers and increase chances of ranking (even in difficult niches like software development, technical niches). Detailed line by line breakdowns of good vs. bad how-to posts, comparisons, case studies, bottom of the funnel product posts, and more. A deep dive into our pre-writing questionnaire and outlining process, and how and when we use interviews.

Module 3: Promotion

We share how to drive traffic to your blog posts via paid Facebook promotion, paid Twitter promotion, influencer marketing, and community content promotion, as well as the processes, tools, and services we use for on-page SEO and linkbuilding.

Module 4: Conversions

How to attribute leads to content with simple reports inside Google Analytics (the exact reports we use with clients), where to place CTAs in blog posts and why we use text based, not image CTAs. We also share our content ROI calculator that you can use to calculate the ROI of content marketing for yourself, clients, or management teams.

Module 5: Hiring

We share how we identify great writers to produce content for us, how much we pay them, how we test them and more.

Here’s a full walkthrough of every
module of the course

Simple Lifetime Pricing

Pay once, keep it forever. Most communities charge a monthly subscription fee.
We wanted members to have lifetime access.

Or pay in installments
$135 /month for 6 months

  • Get full access (same as the one time membership)
  • Note: If you pay in installments, you’re choosing our payment plan option, which means you’re agreeing to pay all 6 monthly installments. You’ll receive immediate access to the community after your first payment, and lifetime access after you complete your final payment. If you miss a payment, you’ll be removed from our community.