Frequently asked questions about Customers from Content.

1. Our company sells X to Y, will this work for me?

As long as your sell to businesses, CFC makes sense for you. Here’s why: Our system involves focusing on an ideal customer profile, doing deep research on them to understand certain key pieces of info, writing highly specific pieces in 6 content frameworks that you know will appeal to them, and converting them into leads. We’ve done this over and over again for many B2B companies, it works. That entire process doesn’t really work for consumer products. Consumers often make flippant decisions, there are large swaths of people that all could be a fit (think: who drives a Honda Accord, or uses Evernote, or buys from Fandango, lots and lots of people). If your product or service overlaps between small businesses and individuals and you’re unsure, ask us.

Here a few types of businesses that CFC is a great fit for:

  • Enterprise software companies
  • Software companies selling to SMBs
  • Other product based companies selling to businesses
  • Agencies (selling into a variety of business sizes and types)
  • Freelancers and solo B2B service providers (contract developers, designers, copywriters, marketers, SEOs)
  • Venture backed B2B businesses looking to lower CAC and grow inbound lead generation

2. We already get X visitors a month and want to scale to Y, will this help us do that?

Most people will tell you their material is right for everyone. We like to be straightforward. If you get less than 30,000 monthly unique visitors, the answer is an emphatic: yes! CFC will help you grow traffic, leads, and lead quality, measure acquisition cost from content, and scale your writing team.

If you already get over 30,000 – 50,000 monthly unique visitors to your company blog, the sections on content production and promotion may only be marginally useful. However, many companies in that traffic range still want help with: increasing traffic quality (more qualified leads), setting up proper analytics, measuring acquisition cost, and scaling the process by building a team of writers. If you have those needs, frankly, we don’t know of another program out there that addresses these exact challenges specifically for B2B companies, so yes, CFC can definitely help.

3. I just hired a content marketing person (or I am the new hire), and we are starting from scratch, will this work for us?

Absolutely. This has been the most common scenario for our beta companies that did workshops or phone versions of this program. CFC will give you or your team the foundation to start a successful content marketing operation. Without it they’ll do what so many others have done: just start producing content and hope for the best. With it, they’ll have focus in their target audience, a clear set of content ideas, a concrete promotion plan, and quantitative traffic, conversion and CAC goals.

4. I’m solo or we have a tiny team, can we still execute on this process?

Definitely. We’ve beta tested this from large teams down to a solo entrepreneur. You can execute this with limited resources. In fact, it’s arguably more important to get a laser focused strategy that gets real, qualified leads when you don’t have resources — because you can’t afford to waste time on channels that don’t work.

The only caveat is that you should have product-market fit. If you’re so early stage that you don’t know what you’re selling yet or if anyone will buy, this isn’t for you. You won’t be able to do user research or create content for your best customer because you have no customers. 🙂 In that case we recommend doing standard customer development processes (Google “customer development”) to validate your product and come back when you have customers and revenue.

But if you’re a small agency, a freelancer (who sells to businesses, not consumers), or a small business or startup with a few customers or clients, CFC would be great for you. It’ll set you up to build inbound leads properly.

5. Is the price per person or per company?

It’s per company. One license is good for your entire company and doesn’t expire. For the phone and in-person options, as many people on your team as you like can attend the conference call or full day workshop. If you have contractors or freelance writers that work for you, you are welcome to use this to train them as well.

6. What are the dates of the live trainings?

The online program (all lessons, videos, slides) are available for you and your team forever. But we release CFC in two batches per year (Spring and Fall), so the 3 live Q&A calls happen 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks after enrollment ends for each batch. Each call covers two modules:

  • Call 1 covers Modules 1 and 2
  • Call 2 covers Modules 3 and 4
  • Call 3 covers Modules 5 and 6

These calls will be recorded for you and your team to view later, but if you attend them live, it helps you to stay on track and get your own questions answered. Enrollment for this (Spring 2017) batch ends Wednesday 4/26.

7. During our one-on-one sessions, can we talk about [insert highly specific problem here.]?

Yes. It’s very common to have a highly specific challenge that you want to spend all your time on. In the phone option, we can dedicate both calls to specific challenges you have (1, 2, or as many different ones as time allows). In the in person workshop, we can re-arrange the schedule to focus more on the topics you and your team want to tackle. For example we could spend hours setting up analytics, or spend the entire day working on building a process to hire a team of writers.

If you don’t have these specific challenges in mind, don’t worry, we have a set process and schedule to cover in these sessions to give you our ideas for what you need to focus on based on your specifics (company, size, traffic, goals, resources etc.). We’ll give direct, brutally honest feedback on your content plan, understanding of our target customers, content ideas, conversion flow, etc, and we’ll give come ready with our own ideas of what we feel you should do.

8. Can I try it out?

Yes. We’re confident that our process works for B2B companies. We’ve used it for years, over and over again, on many different companies. We’ve even beta-tested teaching the system to B2B companies over the past year and a half. It works. It’s also unique. We simply don’t know of another training that’s specific to B2B content marketing and covers an end-to-end process like CFC. So, we offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Try the full program for 30 days. If you don’t think it will work for you, just send us an email and show us you attempted just one exercise, on any module, and we’ll refund your full purchase.

Try Customers from Content today and start building a reliable content strategy to start growing inbound leads and a become a thought leader in your industry.

More Questions? Email us at benji (at) growandconvert (dot) com or chat with us live on this page.