If your company is looking to differentiate itself, we offer a one-time service that will give you the foundation you need to start building a content brand. Specifically, we’ll work with your leadership and team to discover the brand positioning that differentiates you in your market and positions you as the best solution to your ideal customers’ pain points. We’ll then weave that into unique narratives that help convince prospects to work with you.

What You’ll Get

  • Multiple hours of positioning workshop sessions during which our team interviews different members of your team (including founders, executives, and members of your sales, marketing, and product teams) to get both a high level and on-the-ground perspective on:
    • Who your ideal customers are 
    • What their pain points are
    • What problems your product or service was created to solve 
    • How your product or service is different (and better) from other options your ideal customers are choosing from
    • And more

  • Two Disruption Stories that help position your company and sell your value props

  • Two months of paid promotion (paid social) to help distribute these disruption stories to your audience (which is included in the cost)

Why Choose Our Content Brand Service?

  • Many companies struggle with putting a stake in the ground on their positioning. As a result, they try to be a little bit of everything to everyone and end up with marketing assets (content, website copy, etc.) that are generic, undifferentiated, and sound like everyone else. 

  • An external perspective often helps to bring clarity to folks in the company. Many companies we work with have disagreements among departments or employees on a lot of these fundamental positioning issues. An external voice to work through that can often bring significant clarity to these differing opinions. 

  • The disruption stories we publish will be the foundation of the messaging in the rest of your content. In our standard monthly content service, we create a disruption story at the beginning of the engagement and link to it in almost every single subsequent content piece. The disruption stories we create for you will tell the core story of the ‘why’ behind your brand and product and will be the foundation of all subsequent content you produce.

  • Creating a content brand increases the value of all subsequent content and marketing copy you produce. No longer will ads say one thing and content from another vendor say something else. You now will have pieces to send to all marketing stakeholders that level-sets them on the core positioning of the brand. 

  • We have been running these positioning interviews and workshops for over six years with dozens of brands, including B2B, B2C, startups, bootstrapped businesses, and large enterprises via our core content service. You’re working with a company whose DNA is in nailing down the positioning and differentiators of a brand and conveying that in high quality content and copy. This is what we do. 

Example Disruption Stories Produced for Past Clients

Rainforest QA

Rainforest QA is a client who has a really innovative product in the software quality assurance (QA) space. Most QA is done using code-based software, so it has to be managed and run by developers. Their product is visual, so other departments can own the QA process as well. This piece talks about how that concept can transform product development processes for the better. 

Asking Developers to Own QA Is Broken. Here’s a Better Way.

Vocal Video

Vocal Video has built a really easy-to-use software for collecting video testimonials. Instead of hiring a full-on video production crew and meeting on-site somewhere, marketing teams can send happy customers a single link that allows customers to walk through a simple guided process to record their thoughts using their own phone or computer cameras. This piece goes into what that ease of producing testimonial videos enables for marketing teams. 

Producing Video Testimonials Used to Be a Huge Pain. Here’s How We’re Fixing It. 


LawClerk is a marketplace of lawyers available for other law firms to hire when they need extra legal help. That sounds simple, but behind the idea is some really provocative thinking around how the business model of large law firms is broken. Here, we helped Greg German, a co-founder of Lawclerk, get those ideas across via their founding story. Note how the piece also sells LawClerk in addition to the commentary on large law firm business models and their issues. 

Why the Large Law Firm Business Model Is Dying and What We’re Doing Instead

Cost: $20,000 one time