Here are the bonuses to help you conduct customer interviews.

1. Here is the CRM spreadsheet template that Tommy uses to quickly track who he’s sent emails to, who has responded, etc.

2. Here is a blog post that shares how to find email addresses.

3. Here are two email templates (long and short style) that you can use to start reaching out to prospects. Of course, just use them as starting points and customize them for yourself.

Here’s a long version based on Tommy’s email from the original post.

Hi [NAME],

[Personal intro, like: I noticed you shared this recent thing about X, that's so funny, I couldn't agree more, in fact...]

I'm the Growth Marketing Manager for Acme Corp, and I've been focusing on understanding how [their title]s work through [their problem]. In fact, here's a recent article we wrote about it [article].

I'd love to ask a few questions about how you think through these issues. Do you have a 15 minutes lot next week to chat about this? 
- Devesh

Note the above email will be much longer than it looks after you fill in the placeholders.

Here’s a shorter email where I’m using an example of reaching out to sales managers who use CRMs to get info about their pain points (customize as needed for your use case):

Hi [NAME],

I'm doing an informal survey of how sales managers user Salesforce and their current frustrations. I'd love to ask you a couple questions over the phone for 15 minutes next week if you have time. 

It can be while you're commuting or waiting in line. In exchange I'm happy to share some insights into what other peers of yours have shared in terms of increasing use amount their sales reps. 

Is there a good day this week to chat for 15 min? 
- Devesh

In the above, replace “Salesforce” with whatever your topic is, and replace the “insights” part at the end of with some valuable piece of info you can share with them in exchange.

Questions? Email us.

– Devesh and Benji