Back in March of 2017, we did a live content marketing challenge. We created an article for a company on our email list and then promoted it for them with the goal of trying to drive business.

Now, we want to go back to our roots and help three companies– a B2B SaaS and a service business and a B2C business (can be SaaS, service, or high-priced e-commerce)– develop their content strategy, for free. The reason behind doing this is that we’re in the process of completely remaking our course Become a Top 1% Content Marketer (for existing customers, this update will be free) and we thought that instead of teaching people theoretically how our process works, It’d be better to show our process off with real examples.

Therefore, we thought, why not help two businesses run through our process? Help them with customer research, generate content ideas for them, walk through how we’d do and think about promotion for them, set up their conversion goals, model out how many conversions they’d need, do outlines of the content we’d create for them, etc.

We’re looking for businesses that have these characteristics:

  • Bootstrapped/self funded businesses (investor-backed businesses have more resources to get help, so we’d like to focus on those without external investment.)
  • You must have proven that your product/service can be sold to a cold audience (via direct sales/cold calling, email outreach, content, paid, etc.)
  • You must be willing to share all Google Analytics numbers, other key marketing numbers (LTV, CAC, etc.), and information about your customers that comes from the customer research portion of the process with course customers
  • Ideally, you’d have a team that can implement that strategy (freelance writers, etc.), but not strictly necessary

What you’ll get from us:

  • We’ll conduct a 1 hour customer research session with you
  • We’ll translate that customer research into actionable content ideas (topics + SEO keywords) that we think would generate new business for you
  • We’ll walk through various articles types and explain how you should approach them
  • We’ll walk through how we’d setup paid audiences to target for your business and we’ll talk through the SEO strategy you need to scale
  • We’ll setup goals in Google Analytics to track conversions, model how many conversions you’d need to break even on an investment in content marketing, and help you setup the model comparison tool to track ROI

Apply here. 

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