Grow and Convert is a marketing blog known for sharing some of the best in-depth articles about marketing, and actionable case studies. Our content has been read by over 200,000 marketers and business owners since we’ve started.

Our primary business is our content marketing agency. In addition to the agency, we have a content marketing course for marketers and entrepreneurs.

On top of the agency and course, we also have a suite of new product and service ideas we are planning to launch over the next few months and years.

The growth of both businesses, the agency and the course, are fueled by our website and articles that we produce. The traffic from our site drives leads for the agency and sales to our course. The traffic also helps us grow our email list as well as build our brand.

To date all website growth activities have been done by Benji and Devesh (the two founders).

Now we need some help. That’s where you come in.

Your Role: Marketing Assistant for Special Projects

You will help us plan and execute on marketing projects primarily focused on marketing the company. This will involve projects on and on other domains we own. Most of these projects will lean heavily towards content marketing and SEO (because that’s our company’s focus).

Here are some examples of some projects you will help us with:

Example 1: Increase the Email Conversion Rate of

You would work with Devesh and Benji to understand where conversions are coming from, identify opportunities to increase it, and execute on making changes to increase conversion rate. For example you may decide to implement or improve content upgrades on certain blog posts. To do that you will need to use skills like:

  • Analytics: Which posts should we focus on? How well are they converting now?
  • Creativity: What would readers of that post want to get?
  • Execution: Produce the required asset, install it using WordPress and ConvertKit


Example 2: Identify SEO opportunities 

You would work with Devesh and Benji to create a keyword list for, sort by intent and ease of ranking, research competing articles ranking for it, brainstorm angles we can take to produce the piece, help execute on producing the piece.


  • Basic SEO knowledge
  • Creativity

Example 3: Create a Microsite to Grow an Email List in an Industry Vertical

The ability to build traffic and an email list in a given vertical is an extremely valuable skill. We have a community of marketers at Grow and Convert but it can be really advantageous for us to grow communities with different audiences in different verticals. We often do this by creating a microsite (think, large database of resources) and promoting it like we would a large piece of content. This is advanced, creative “content marketing” where the content is an entire site (“microsite”). You would work with Devesh and Benji on the idea, and contract designers and developers to execute on it. You would then work with us to promote it on places like Product Hunt and elsewhere. Skills:

  • User research: Who exactly are we targeting and what are their pain points?
  • Creativity: What content is appealing and addresses their pain points?
  • Project Management: Coordinating and pushing a project through between designers and developers.

This is just the beginning. The right person can grow into this role and do bigger and bigger projects, including helping launch new products and services.

Your Skills

Raw Technical Skills

These are limited and frankly, easily learned for anyone in the marketing field:

  • Marketing tech savvy: You can use WordPress, email tools like Convertkit, SEO tools like Ahrefs, capture tools like OptinMonster. You can easily “figure out” tools like this. You don’t have to be a coder (neither Benji nor Devesh are) but they can figure out these tools easily. You should be able to do the same.
  • Basic SEO knowledge: We are of course a content marketing company, so SEO is key to what we do. You don’t have to be an SEO pro, but you should know the basics and have ideally had experience looking at rankings, growing organic traffic, doing keyword research, etc.
  • Basic marketing knowledge: You need to understand empathy, customer intent, bottom of funnel, top of funnel, acquisition channels, lifetime value, etc.
  • Absolutely fluent in English: We write in English and primarily address the US and English speaking languages. It doesn’t have to be your first language (it isn’t Devesh’s) but you should be able to talk and write at a native level.

Other Critical Skills

Frankly, these are the most important and will determine if someone succeeds in this role:

  • Initiative: The job title has “special projects” on it. That means you are working on things without a fixed deadline. The ideal person can push these projects themselves. They will push us instead of vice versa. They will keep things moving, think of new ideas and ask for the necessary resources.
  • Creativity: You need to be solutions focused, not problems focused. You will be working on things that don’t have clear right answers. What’s the best content upgrade? How do we promote or launch this site? How simple/complex should our MVP be? The developer says something is not possible, what else can we do? The ideal person doesn’t report problems without some ideas of workarounds or solutions we should try.

Your Experience

This is a junior level role, however, in the application we ask for stories and examples of marketing projects you’ve worked on and things you’ve accomplished in marketing. Preference will of course go to those with the most relevant experience (as well as how well they can convey that experience in their answers — that is a sign of some of the skills above such as empathy and creativity).


  • Our entire team is remote, you’ll work remotely.
  • You’ll work directly with Devesh and Benji
  • We are on Pacific Time so ideally you have decent overlap with us.
  • To start we’re thinking 10 – 15 hrs/week
  • Compensation $20 – $40/hr depending on experience

To Apply

Please fill in the application here.