We are a content marketing agency that is seeking an awesome person to help promote content pieces we create for clients.

We have a full promotion process that we will teach you via articles and video lessons we already have recorded. It involves mostly community content promotion, building relationships with influencers, and pitching pieces to industry publications. This is a part-time, remote position at $30/hour starting at 10 – 20 hrs a month.

Our Ideal Person…

  • …Has Great People Skills: You have really strong emotional intelligence. You’re outgoing. You know how to talk nicely to people. You’re great at making friends. For example, this role will involve being a real part of online communities, not just dropping some links in a Facebook group and leaving, you have to know how to build those relationships. Same with influencers and journalists/editors, you’ll need to build real relationships. You should be into that.
  • Likes hanging out on social media: You’ll be spending a lot of time in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Reddit, Forums, Quora and basically any online community around. You should be the type of person that naturally likes to check these groups, check notifications, reply quickly and generally be connected to social channels.
  • Is Creative: Although we’ll teach you what we know, we like to say that content promotion is an art, not a science. Here’s a case study you should probably read of us trying and failing and trying over and over again to promote one piece. So you’ll need to be creative and get in the heads of our clients’ target audience, be able to try new things, and come up with clever ideas.
  • Can become obsessed with certain tasks and winning: This is important. We don’t treat content promotion like a factory line (“Insert content…check box…check box…check box…complete!”). With the creative problem solving in the last bullet, we become obsessed over finding ways to drive traffic to one piece at a time. It becomes our mission for a week or two. You should be inclined to do the same.

Perhaps there are more characteristics, but that covers it.

To apply, please fill out this Google Form.