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Our primary business is our content marketing agency, where we grow traffic and leads for businesses like Patreon, Leadfeeder Inflow, ReportGarden, and more. Here is one (of many) case studies on the results we can achieve with our process.

Your Experience

We’re looking for a writer to help produce our style of high quality articles with the following experience:

  • Experience and understanding of real estate lending.

You should understand terms like:

  • hard money loan
  • private lenders
  • underwriting
  • loan to value ratio
  • loan LTV
  • APR
  • Freddie and Fannie
  • What a “note” refers to
  • Know the relationship between a broker, lender, borrower and investor

What You Will Do

  • You will interview experts in the real estate lending and investing space (We’ll help you landing these interviews, they’ll come primarily via our client’s organization. But, the ideal candidate should be able to help reach out to experts and land some of their own.)
  • You will take these interviews and turn them into educational business articles for the private lending community.
  • You should have an understanding of what is obvious and uninteresting to private lenders, as well as what is interesting, educational, noteworthy. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to know enough to be able to craft engaging articles based on interviews with experts.

Here are some of the articles our writers have produced.

Note: None of these are in the real estate space but it gives you a sense of how we interview experts and produce educational content for a particular audience (marketers, programmers, entrepreneurs).

This EXACT Keyword Research Process Grew Mindvalley’s Organic Traffic From 14k to 122k Per Month (In 11 Months) (Fieldboom)

RAMPT: How We Achieved a 100/100 Google Page Speed Score (And How You Can Too) (Inflow)

From Financial Distress to Monthly Income: Jack Lowe’s Journey as an Independent Creator (Patreon)

How Developer Mac Heller-Ogden Convinced His Bosses to Adopt Node.js (ModernWeb)

You need to be able to write something equivalent (or better) than these.

Necessary Skills for Our Writing Team:

– Must be passionate about the real estate space and an understanding of real estate lending

– You must be able keep the attention of a reader in a long-form story

– Must be empathetic and know what matters to real estate lenders, borrowers and investors

– Must have experience/portfolio showing prior experience on these types of articles. If you don’t, we won’t have a good way to judge you

We typically pay per project — averaging $250-$350 per post.

Benefits of Working with Us:

– Working with a team that really cares about high quality content marketing. Check out our articles to get a sense of how passionate we are.

– Long-term engagement (if mutually good fit after a couple of paid test pieces)

– Stories will often be published in your name (sometimes a client needs things ghostwritten, and we’re happy to do it)

– You’ll be able to build relationships with influential industry leaders

Looking for multiple writers.

If interested, please apply here.