About Grow and Convert

Grow and Convert is a content marketing agency that differentiates itself by publishing a smaller number of articles than other content firms, but at a much higher quality. We use carefully measured data to attribute leads to individual articles (more detail about why we’re different than most agencies in this post). We have a wide range of clients from B2B services, to SaaS, to select B2C companies. 

Our team is 100% remote (and will always be). Our clients are worldwide, although most are in the U.S.

About this role

We drive traffic to every article we publish for our clients with paid social advertising. This is also one of our key differentiators as a content agency. Most agencies don’t do much promotion of the content they publish. We use our own budget to drive extremely targeted traffic (that gets as close to the client’s target customer profile as possible) to each article. This exposes it to the right audience immediately and drives immediate conversions. 

We’re looking for someone to come in and own paid content promotion for all of our clients

We currently use another agency to manage all of our paid ads, and while we’re happy with the performance they’ve been able to achieve, longer term, we think this expertise needs to be in-house so we can continue to improve it, invest in it, and scale it. 

But what’s nice is you’ll be walking into an existing process and foundation and building and improving paid ad performance from there. So, we’re looking for a smart, creative paid ads manager who can come in and bring ideas to improve the existing account structure and performance.

The two main paid channels that we use to drive traffic and conversions to our content are Facebook and Twitter. That said, we’re open to other channels that can drive qualified traffic to our content as well (Reddit, Quora, things we haven’t thought of yet).

You’ll be responsible for managing ads for around 15 accounts in the short term, and over the next year, we’re looking to scale that number to over 30.

This article explains our current approach to paid advertising and how this fits into the big picture.


  • Manage paid ad spend across all of our clients
  • Test 3 new articles per month per client, and make decisions around which content makes sense to continue advertising based on performance
  • Determine what channel or mix of channels makes the most sense for each client (ie. Facebook, Twitter, something else?)
  • Work with our content strategist team to help them achieve their goals for each client

Your background

  • You should have prior experience running direct response Facebook campaigns and/or have used Facebook to drive traffic to blog posts
  • You should have a proficiency in Google Analytics
  • You should have experience managing multiple campaigns at once

The role will start as a contract position with the possibility of moving to full-time down the road. We’d estimate that this will take around 10-20 hrs per week to start.


$250/month per account, so when the candidate manages all 15 accounts, that would be $3750 per month. We’ll start by testing a candidate on one account, the two, then three and rapidly scaling to all 15 from there. Then if that goes well we’ll discuss further growth and a potential full time role down the road. 


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