Grow and Convert is a content marketing agency that produces high quality articles for B2B and some B2C companies. Example clients include: Patreon, Leadfeeder, Report Garden, and Inflow. Here is a case study of what we do 10,000+ visitors in 3 weeks for a software development company. 

Examples of other articles we’ve produced for clients include:

And a whole lot more…

We are a fully remote team based throughout the U.S.

After we produce these high quality written articles for our clients, we also promote the articles in strategically chosen online communities to send traffic to these articles. This is where you come in.

“Online communities” means:

– Facebook groups
– LinkedIn groups
– Reddit
– Quora
– Industry sites
– Industry newsletters
– forums

We’re looking for someone who can stay engaged in groups (once every day or two), read threads, comment, like, discuss, build relationships with folks in those groups. Then (and only then) when we publish new articles, you’ll share them in the groups in an honest, authentic way, with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to these articles.

We are NOT looking to spam these online communities with a bunch of links (we will only publish 3 articles per month, per client). If you’re looking to quickly post a bunch of links and call it a day, this is not for you.

Here is an example of a post in a group for one of the articles above and the positive comments and engagement we received:

Your Goal

To drive quality traffic organically to the articles we produce for our clients. You can leverage any and all available channels – communities, PR, influencers, etc.

The Ideal Candidate

You’re creative, you test things to see if they work, and then double down on them if they do work. You’re results oriented (you can take a goal and run with it and not stop until you achieve the goal). You take initiative.

Ideally you have experience in one or more of these areas. If you have all, then you’re likely a great fit:

  • Has experience growing blog traffic organically for multiple blogs (they’ve come up with creative ways to drive traffic)
  • Has done online community management (moderated, done community management and/or grown a group on a social channel)
  • Has pitched articles to the press and got them picked up
  • You know how to use Google Analytics
  • Genuinely loves being in online communities, reading threads, commenting, sharing, learning.
  • Has experience in the marketing industry

The best people we’ve had in this role genuinely love doing these things, it doesn’t feel like work to them. A top performer in this role can also flex their creative muscles to be constantly testing new ways and places to promote and share our content and drive traffic for our clients.


– Fully remote
– $20 – $40/hr depending on experience
– Around 5 – 10 hrs per week. If you are a great fit, there is certainly room to expand. In the near term there is room to expand all the way to a half time (20 hrs/week) role.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please apply here.