A 2,200 word article on how Buffer increased growth opportunities by restructuring their marketing team is available for sale by Grow and Convert. The article is based on an original interview with a Buffer growth employee.


  • Word count: 2,243
  • Images: 11
  • Author: Si Quan Ong (Ahrefs employee)
  • Format: Google Doc with images and sources

Title Options

  1. Buffer Restructured Their Entire Marketing Team In 2018. Now It’s Driving New Opportunities For Growth
  2. Building The Machine: How Buffer Discovered New Opportunities For Growth By Reorganizing The Marketing Team
  3. How To Generate New Growth Opportunities By Focusing On The Organization Of The Team (Buffer Case Study)

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This is an initial list, by no means exhaustive.

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  • marketing team structure – This is a Google suggested search (see our article here on how targeting suggested search terms can yield great results.
  • restructure marketing department – Also a Google suggested search
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Subheadlines (H2)

  • Why Building The Right Team Is Important
  • The Reason Behind Buffer’s Change
  • How Buffer Restructured Their Marketing Team
  • Did It Work?
  • Final Thoughts: Build Around Your Customer Journey

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