Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is here and if you’re like most companies we talk to, you are wondering how you’re going to measure the same website metrics you used to measure in Universal Analytics (the old GA).

GA4 Conversion Issues

Most traffic related reports are easy enough to reproduce in GA4, but measuring conversions is not as easy. In particular, built in landing page and traffic source reports in GA4 all measure conversions on a same session or “last touch” basis. This is extremely limiting and leaves you blind to truly understanding situations where customers take multiple sessions or “touches” to convert.

Our Experience Tracking Converisons

We’ve been reporting on multi-touch conversions for years in UA and have developed reports in GA4 that let us measure conversions in a multi-touch fashion as best as GA4 will allow.

We explain this in detail in this article and walk through it in this video:

Our GA4 Conversion Setup Service

But setting up the right events and reports and, importantly, ensuring your entire team understands how the reports work and what they mean can be non-trivial. To help, we’re offering a set service of setting up conversions in GA4 and teaching your team how to generate and interpret the reports around conversions in GA4.

This includes:

  • Auditing your current GA4 setup
  • Ensuring you have the right events/conversions setup and helping you set those up if not
  • Creating saved reports for measuring conversions from a first, last, and any touch basis
  • Zoom call with your team teaching them how the reports work

This does not include:

  • Setup of GA4 from scratch. This is for companies that have already created the property and started collecting data.
  • Validating accuracy of GA4 traffic measurments or other data

There is a simple $1000 flat fee for this service.

If this is of interest, please reach out below.

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