Note: We’ve stopped taking guest posts from outside authors and currently only publish posts from team members of our agency. Thanks for your interest in contributing.

About Grow and Convert

Grow and Convert is a website that was founded in 2015 aimed at helping businesses become better at content marketing.

We decided that in order to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the blogs talking about content marketing we would:

  • Share learnings from past experience, as well as our failures, and successes.
  • Focus very heavily on case studies (as opposed to list posts).
  • Write really detailed posts that actually explain how to accomplish something, instead of write high-level content based on theory.
  • Write content for businesses that are using content to grow leads, not for solopreneur bloggers where the blog is the business.

The reason we founded the site is because we realized a lot of people were investing in content marketing but there were few companies getting real results from it.

Blog Post Requirements:

  • Your post must relate to user research, content strategy, promotion, SEO or converting blog traffic to customers.
  • Case study format is best – show someone how to do something from your own personal experience.
  • The post must be original content to our site (it hasn’t been published elsewhere)
  • Word count must be above 1,200 words (but we prefer 2000+)
  • The reader must come away from reading your post with actionable takeaways that they can implement on their own site.
  • The best performing blog posts are the ones that show other people something you’ve done and how they can replicate the same process on their own site.

Interested in contributing?

Read these two accepted guest posts to get a feel for the length, quality and style we’re looking for:

How to Conduct Customer Interviews (Even When You Don’t Have Customers)

How to Turn Your Blog’s Thank You Page Into a Lead Generating Machine

What you should include in the e-mail:

  • Include a sample headline
  • A 3-4 sentence description of your article
  • An outline of the article if you have one*
  • If we’ve never worked together – some background on yourself

We only accept pitches that are unique case studies.

We will respond within 48 hours of your inquiry.

Formatting and Style:

  • Write in short paragraphs with clear headings so that people can easily go through your article section by section.
  • Include any relevant LINKS and IMAGES that will help you make the case for your article.
  • Please send the post to us in a fully-formatted Word or Google Doc – headings + images + links included.


  • Send over your post, a short bio and headshot so that we can add you as a contributor to our site.

What happens once you’ve sent your post over?

  • We’ll let you know if we’ll accept your post (if we don’t – feel free to use it for another site). To prevent this from happening it is best to create an outline of your post before spending your time working on a full-post
  • If we do accept your post, we’ll send you any requested changes / feedback and let you know when we plan to publish the post.
  • Once we publish your post, we’ll help promote it for you and hope that you’ll do the same through your channels as well.

We look forward to working with you!

– Benji & Devesh