We’re looking to hire smart and detail-oriented people that have little to no experience with marketing but are looking to break into marketing, learn, and get better.

This role will involve writing blog posts about our clients products or services — how they help the customer, why they are better than the competition — so the key aspect to this role is being able to learn new topics and industries and to write about them clearly.

Why Are We Looking for Writers or Content Strategists with Little or No Experience? 

Because we’ve found that some of our best team members have had little experience in content marketing or marketing in general.

Instead, what they had is:

  1. The smarts to understand a product’s benefits and what problems it solves for the customer.
  2. The ability to clearly express their thoughts in writing.
  3. An interest in content marketing and a desire to learn marketing.

If you think you have those three characteristics, we’d love to have you apply below.

Deep Dive into These 3 Characteristics


The folks on our team with little to no content marketing experience, who are thriving, have this in common: they’ve displayed smarts in their work or side hobbies. Some have academic smarts (science degrees, high GPA’s), while others have done work that shows initiative, attention to detail, and problem solving.

For example, members on our team have started and run a non-profit on the side, had a side hustle business, or showed problem solving and initiative at a banking job.

All three of these examples require:

  1. Initiative: No one demands you start a non-profit or a side business.
  2. Attention to detail: You have to manage a lot of little details and deal with people to pull that off.
  3. Problem solving: Issues will come up you haven’t encountered before that there’s no playbook for, you have to figure it out yourself.

So you should ask yourself: What have I accomplished that’s shown smarts, initiative, attention to detail and problem solving? We have a question on the application for you to list past experiences showing these traits.

Hungry to Learn Marketing, Writing, and SEO

The other characteristic of our successful little-to-no experience team members is that they want to learn SEO.

They want to be able to write blog posts that rank, they want to dig into the details of writing that converts readers into leads vs. writing that doesn’t accomplish this, and they want to get into the details of keyword selection and why certain topics convert.

It doesn’t mean they grew up wanting to be a marketer (basically no one did), but at this moment they are interested in it and have a general desire to learn new things and get good at them.

Clearly Express Their Thoughts in Writing

Finally, all of our limited experience team members have ended up learning how to to write well and have leaned into perfecting this craft. Writing and/or editing is now a key part of their current job, despite most not even considering themselves “writers”.

How could this be true? Well first, you have to understand that writing is absolutely core to our service. Companies hire us to rank for their highest value SEO keywords and grow inbound leads. We rank for these through written content (blog posts).

Yes, our process for doing this involves many things: picking keywords, doing SEO optimization, promoting articles, measuring analytics. But writing a really good blog post for its intended keyword is the engine that makes our process run.

If the blog post isn’t good, everything falls apart. It won’t rank, and even if it did, it wouldn’t convert. So our best team members are good writers (specifically, marketing-focused, non-fiction writing).

Most did not start off just magically being experts at this. Many didn’t even really consider writing a core skill set. But they had the talent to understand complex topics, understand a company’s key selling points, and convey this in clear, compelling writing.

If you think you can do this, and you want to learn how, this could be a fit for you. We have multiple questions in the application for this.

Example Backgrounds of Our Team Members with Scant Marketing Experience

Here are some profiles and backgrounds of members of our team with limited content marketing experience prior to working at Grow and Convert.

  • A bank employee in the midwest who had helped their employer improve processes around paying vendors.
  • A Southern California surfer who started their own green energy non-profit and helped with their family restaurant business.
  • A domain name investor who had no marketing experience other than being a co-founder of a startup with some friends and trying to learn marketing on the fly.

Examples of Marketing Articles We Write

Here are several blog post examples in different styles that we wrote for clients. These are exactly the kinds of posts you’ll be trained to write.

Note how carefully they explain the features of the clients’ product and how they sell the product to the reader.

This requires the writer to understand the product, it’s benefits, how it’s better than alternatives at a deep level, and then convey that clearly and compellingly.

(We’ve listed the intended SEO keyword, linked to our blog post, and listed where it ranks in Google as of this writing in parentheses next to it.)

Best [x] Product

  • Time Clock App with GPS (Ranks #1 as of this writing): This is a simple product without a ton of differentiators vs competition. But you can see how we still describe each of the features in detail and how (and why) it helps the customer.
  • Best DAM Software (Ranks #8): Same concept as above but with more complex software.

Alternatives and Competitors

  • Routific Competitors (Ranks #3): See how little fluff there is in the intro. It immediately sets up the reader to focus on the questions that matter when evaluating software in this space and then sells our client’s product (Circuit) against those criteria.
  • Selenium Alternatives (Ranks #5): Same concept in a more technical space. Note how this explains Rainforest in a way anyone can understand, not just coders.

Disruption Stories

These style of articles are similar to the examples above in that they sell the client’s product or service, but aren’t targeting any search keywords. They deliver the product’s sales pitch (what it’s disrupting) in the context of the story of the company’s founding.

We typically promote these articles via paid social (e.g. Twitter) to get conversions. The same writing skills are required to write these: understand the product and the pain points it solves at a deep level while conveying that clearly and compellingly.

Pay, Details, and Benefits of Working with Us

  • We are a fully remote company and always have been. Most of our team is scattered throughout the U.S. and Europe. It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you can work part of your day during U.S. working hours.
  • This is a flexible, contract (fixed-price per article basis) position. Work when you work best from wherever in the world you want to be.
  • $500 per article for writers who’ve proven they are a long-term fit with us and require minimal editing
  • Writers can make between $50K–84K+ annually ($4K-7K+/month) by writing enough pieces to equate to a reasonable work-week (<40 hours/week).
  • Writers interested in marketing strategy can also become content strategists, who can make between $50K-84K+ full-time (with the option of choosing part-time work, as well).
  • Content strategists apply our entire process to individual clients (typically 3 – 4 clients is a full-time workload): picking keywords, conducting interviews, measuring results, communicating with the client, and more.

If interested, please apply here.

(Note: This is a separate job application than the bottom-of-the-funnel writer application, please only apply to one.)